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Oh Adrienne, this is just breathtaking!! I would've played with dolls when I was little if they looked anything like this! Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Ms. Moon

What can I say? We share dishes, we do. And also? You are a genius artist, you are a magical being.

Lovely World

Fantastic! The pinafore, the hair, the little red dotted fabric peeking out. I also really like the hot air balloon you made. XO Maribeth

Greta @ Eyecatchers - New Zealand

just discovered your blog recently and have to say what neat sewing creations you make - love them :-)


Seriously? All the characters? That's so effin exciting.

Angie Muresan

I am enchanted! Can't wait for the movie, by the way.


oh, this is so exciting!!!!!
So far, WOW!

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