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Laura Phelps


holy crap.


It is so sad, and incredible. My favorite designer has always been John Galliano, because he goes where no man has gone before and because once I saw a pattern for a jacket he had designed before he was at Dior and it was made of 38 pieces and I knew he knew and that was art not incredible craft.

The second was Lee (Alexander) McQueen. He had a sense of the fairy tale, the children's story buried somewhere inside the sophisticated designs, something elegant but not pretentious, revealing but not come hither, he got the joke and the joke wasn't on him. Here came the mysterious queen covered from head to toe in gossamer fog. What does she reminds you of? No, there is no way to get into a car dressed like that but if you knew any better, you would know that she would not go anywhere in a car. Beside all that, he was simply gorgeous.

His mother passed away Feb 2 and that may or may not have had something to do with his depression. What a waste of talent, what a loss of creativity. I hope he has found peace wherever he is now, without shadows or pain.


Jack: what IS that? that's AWFUL

Ty: (points to skirt) that looks like dough

Jack: I just wanna bite it. And what's up with THAT? (points to head) it's like a redneck wedding.

See you sunday


Thank you for posting this. I confess to knowing little about him but can understand how powerful his art was and meant to so many people. Really sad story...

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